Nintendo/Super Mario Run

Its Time To Play Your Favourite Super Mario Run Game On Android And IOS

Super Mario Run has arrived! It was written: 35 years after its debut on console (on the famous NES, for the oldest among us), and after months of waiting, finally! Our favorite plumber has landed on our smartphones. Without delay, check out our feedback on Super Mario Run Hack Now.

A launch with a bang

Almost as whereas Pokémon Go, which held breath of millions of players, the game resumes all the codes that made its success. With more than 25 million downloads in 4 days, its launch was at the height of his reputation, surpassing monsters like Clash Royale (brother of Clash of Clan) and even Pokémon Go, released during the summer 2016 had sunk a lot of ink (the number of 25 million users had been reached in 11 days). Half of the team of Motive & smart already downloaded the game and run the most famous plumber in the world.

For the moment, the game, available since December 15, 2016, is only launched on iOS. Note that release on Android is for the moment not topical.

For those who can’t wait, we had tested the Smart Boy, which allows you to turn your smartphone into Game Boy.
Mario, Luigi, Peach

First impressions: we find our love of youth. Everything is there, the mustache, the overalls, small parts, music… In short it is not out of place. And it’s beautiful! The Italian plumber, created by Shigeru Miyamoto, loses nothing of its charm. And that’s where the strength of Nintendo: to make live this universe, little matter the platform and the time.Come on, hop! We’re launching the first level. From the first moments, the handling is intuitive and easy: all played with a finger. The range of actions of Mario is pleasant, with a very wide range of actions. The gameplay is expanded for our greatest pleasure. He runs, jumps, flat, and can even jump of walls within walls. Easy access but difficult to totally control: this is the DNA of the Japanese franchise.

Super Mario Run Gameplay:

The different game modes

Exploration continues: you may then discover the worlds of Super Mario Run. Different game modes available to you: the ‘classic’ Princess Peach rescue (with 6 worlds, consisting of 4 levels each), the challenges Tod (a confrontation with other users) and, for the first time in the history of the game, you need to rebuild the castle of Mario. It should be noted all modes are related between them (you will unlock opportunities according to your results in one or the other mode).However, the game doesn’t have a very long life expectancy; levels end rather quickly, and we stay a little on our hunger.

Super Mario Run, a free game?

Delighted as you are able to play the game of your childhood on your smartphone, you will nevertheless quickly called to order. Indeed, the game is free for the first 3 levels of the first world, and you must pay the sum of € 9.99 in order to unlock the full game. A sum which, seen the note overall on the App Store (2 stars), is by no means be justified for users. Players are not willing to spend such an amount in a virtual game. In addition, the application is accessible with an internet connection: it’s a shame, especially for a game at this price.Finally, for all users Android, beware the false promises of download pirate: we know that too you advised not to turn to the “Super Mario Run APK” (installation of packages on Android files, Editor’s note). At best, this will not work, at worst, you’ll end up with malware in the legs. In short, be patient!

Notice of the Mobile & smart Team Eric

Very happy to find Mario who I explored a number of pipes and jumped on a number of shells of turtles, with a much higher end graphics and modern colors. The operation of the touch perfectly suits Mario practice, probably as a result of a likely monumental task on the part of the developers. Two black spots are of course the prohibitive cost of the game, and his inability to work offline. You will not be able to run your favorite plumber if you are in the subway. However, the use of the Data on mobile develops more, and fortunately mobile operators are more reluctant to offer 20 GB / month for the first offerings. Case to be continued!

The Jokers on social networks have published a picture of what could be the controller for Super Mario Run if it existed. The here below, nice, right?